Is a therapeutic approach that uses literature to help cope with their mental, physical, emotional, developmental or social problems, is a versatile and cost-effective treatment option Peer Support program

A peer counseling book co-authored by Jane Nyutu, Member Board of Directors and a professional counselor at Mount Kenya University

Both individual and group therapy may utilize this method, which is considered appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults. One of the main goals of bibliotherapy is universalization – recognition that you are not the only one who feels a certain way. Bibliotherapy can help an individual to understand that he or she is not the first or the only one to face a specific problem or challenge. Other important goals of bibliotherapy include: relieving emotional or mental pressure; developing an individual’s self-concept; communicating new values and attitudes with regard to the problem; and providing clients with alternative solutions to the problem.

To access existing counseling literature at you own time you can visit the counseling section of the Mount Kenya University Library